Telemetry over IP Solutions

Reliable transport of real time Telemetry and ancillary streams over IP
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Telemetry Signal Integrity

Reliable low latency Telemetry
signal transport over IP

Telemetry expertise delivered


A wide range of applications can be adressed with TNP products

VITEC’s Telemetry Solution for Test and Training Ranges

VITEC’s TNP Products:

  • Standards-Based Telemetry (TMoIP) IP network Adapter
  • Low Latency Transmission over IP networks
  • Advanced, auto-configured clock recovery
  • Temporal alignment of streams with diverse delay characteristics
  • Integrated Bit-Sync, BERT and Monitoring Capabilities
  • Managed via Embedded Web Server and SNMP
  • RADIUS Authentication support
  • Certified for operation in IPv6 network infrastructures

TNP 200

  • Differential Telemetry streaming to 50 Mbit/sec
  • Four balanced RS-422 interfaces per unit
  • Ground or DC-Referenced common mode support
  • Enables Digital data acquisition services

TNP 100

  • Single-ended Telemetry streaming to 50 Mbit/s
  • Four user-configureable multifunction IP ports per Unit
  • PCM Telemetry and IRIG stream termination
  • Ancillary service support for Analog Telemetry, Video and Telecom

TNP 400

  • Differential Telemetry streaming to 400 Mbit/sec
  • Two balanced ECL interfaces per unit
  • User configuration of physical layer characteristics
  • Enables ultra high-speed Digital data acquisition services

The TNP Telemetry
Network Processor series

The TNP Telemetry Network Processor series addresses the need for transmitting time-sensitive data signals over IP networks. In addition to telemetry services, the TNP Series provides Multi-Service Platform capabilities, furnishing low latency transmission of T1/E1 telecommunications signals, as well as broadband analog signals and video.
The reliability and flexibility of the TNP enables operation in Defense, Telemedicine and Industrial applications:

  • Realtime transport of PCM Telemetry streams from 100 bit/s to 400 Mbit/sec.
  • Simultaneous transport of ancillary streams including IRIG timing and video sources.
  • Deterministic latency and flatline response, enabling temporal alignment of streams with different native rates.
  • High density port count; ports can be configured for service types, direction and physical layer characteristics
  • Remote management support via HTTP and SNMP protocols.

VITEC Telemetry solution is based on field proven IPtec products ensuring the best possible solution for military, industrial and medical market.

IPtec brings over 75 years of industry experience and a unique knowledge and experience in technologies required for transporting telemetry data reliably over IP. 

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